Sunday, April 22, 2012

Famous Monster of Filmland

Hey! I got the the text all in there for my mock cover of Famous Monster of Filmland! It's a great magazine you should check out. Especially for Basil Gogo's illustrations! Vincent Price graced the cover many times and that's part of the reason I chose to use this magazine for my last assignment for school. Vincent Price is forever, haha :D

This is one of the last few things I had to do before I graduate and receive my BFA at Kendall College of Art and Design! What a ride! Now I just need to finish a final painting, get it documented to share, prep my best artwork for the senior show, hand this in, hang my senior show "Phantom Witch Hunt", get ready for portfolio reviews, deal with a small business card dilemma, and finish strong! Then I can participate in the graduation ceremony without any monkeys on my back.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vincent Price finished

Hey! I finished my redux Vincent Price portrait, too! I'll be uploading the hand painted text version real soon. The colors look SOOO good with this color pallet!

Morgue Anna Finished

This is one of the only paintings I've done this semester that I actually like still. Most everything else lost it's luster pretty quickly. It's the same character I had designed for the fake CocoRosie album cover.

It's done in oil and is 15 3/4 by 20 inches.

I love this character. I feel like she has a lot of weight to her story. Maybe someday I'll do a short story to go along with her. She's a witch that is based in the forest (cliche, BUT/) and she uses wombs to float on and snatch up dying animals for her own purposes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've got pieces in a gallery!

My work is going to be up during ArtDowntown in downtown Grand Rapids, MI at SiteLab! As well as a few of my friend works!! Both my "Caged Bird and the Bat" and "Mantle Piece" will be showcased there. Along with art ALL over Grand Rapids. There's going to be over 100 locations that will be re-appropriated as galleries. It's going to be a blast!

"Art Downtown | April 13 2012 | SiTE:LAB | 109 ½ S. Division Ave

On Friday, April 13, Site:Lab will be occupying the old Harris Furniture Building located at 109 ½ S. Division for an innovative, one-night-only project. Site:Lab curator Paul Amenta is teaming up with playwright and GVSU professor Austin Bunn to transform the building into the setting for a unique performance piece being written by Bunn. Local artists and students are currently signing up to create the rooms, props and costumes required by Bunn’s script, and on April 13, actors and performers will enact a narrative inspired by the building’s history throughout the space. Unlike a traditional play, viewers will be able to experience the performance at their own pace and in their own order, or through random encounters. The event is scheduled to coincide with ArtDowntown, and will be open to the public free of charge from 6 to 11 p.m.

Site-specific projects from students, faculty and alumni representing 5 Michigan colleges/universities, as well as a number of local artists.

Participating Institutions
· Aquinas College
· Grand Rapids Community College
· Grand Valley State University
· Hope College
· Kendall College of Art and Design

SiTE:LAB creates temporary site-specific art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, design, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids.

This event has been made possible through the generosity of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids and the Downtown Alliance."

I'm always really excited to see my Mantle Piece hanging or in this case apart of a bed head board! Come see it if you can!

I should have new stuff coming at you soon! I have to finish a bunch before I graduate after all!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here's where Morgue-Anna is standing currently! I think it's coming along nicely! It should be done fairly soon!!

this is a painting of Vincent Price I'm starting. It's for a psuedo cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland cover. I'm excited to paint Vincent Price better this time around.
Basil Gogo's does most of these covers. He's pretty rad--check him out!