Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The beginings of an Elderly Lady Demon

Hey there! So within the past few months I've been doing some thorough planning on this painting I'm finally getting started on! It's for an instructor I had at Kendall. We're doing an art trade. It's going to be a 30 by 40 inch painting. Here's the rough--

and here is the original character sketch!

it's a redux of a painting I did in the beginning of my last semester at Kendall. The composition was so dry and boring that I really wanted to revisit the idea but do it pretty different.

I'm much more satisfied with the fluidity of the new composition in comparison to this stale one. I liked the color choice and paint application but it needs to be pushed more. Hence redoing the painting. It's also much larger than this painting. So I get to play with larger brushes and I'm pretty darn excited about that.

Depending on how this painting goes I may keep doing stylized old women for a little while. Playing with the concept of age and aging is pretty fun for me. It makes the whole process of growing up a little easier to swallow. Especially since I get a lot of inspiration from cartoons.

Other than experimenting with digital painting and watercolor I haven't done a whole lot. You can see most of that on my tumblr. Amongst all the inspiration posts I blog about on there you can find the images here----> http://tommydeyampert.tumblr.com/ Lets be friends on Tumblr! I have a pretty good time finding new artists on there.

Well, until next time folks! I hope everything is treating you as well as they can be!