Monday, September 10, 2012

Esther and the Sea Witch

In addition to working diligently on my large scale painting I've been doing a lot of drawing. I recently finished a sketchbook and started another one. You can see some of the sketches from the old on here: my tumblr  Then I started a new sketchbook that I bought from an art store that recently opened up at my old school. I was sketching and drawing in the morning yesterday and I had come up with painting this lady--

Her name is Esther and it was my first attempt at playing with acrylics in a LONG time. I did some some colored pencil touch ups on top as well. It only took me about 5 or 6 hours of on/off work on it. I'm pretty proud of her considering. Also my acrylics are very old and pretty poor quality. Oh well, she was mostly an experiment that came out well.

In other news I've still bee working sea witch painting. Right now her left (our right) leg is missing because I need to repaint it. Her position was progressively looking more and more strange. However aside from that the painting is coming together pretty nicely. I'm almost to a point where I can old an online crit for anyone who wants to be involved. People can put up pieces they've been working on too. If anyone would be interested in that you'll know the time when I start posting dates.

Here is the painting before i decided to take out the leg. The camera didn't pick up a lot of the detail in the glow-y areas but oh well. That's fine because this is only a progress shot.

I'm really enjoying using the brush for movement in the sky. So far I think that's the area I'm having the most fun. I still have areas I have to work on quite a bit but within the next few sittings it should be done.

Thanks for stopping by, friends! I'll leave you with this little Dream Boat.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sea Witch progress

 I know it's been a little while (and I'm sorry about that) but I've been in the process of moving all over. I'm out of Grand Rapids and I am currently residing at my parents house. The song sung by many college graduates these days. After a month of being up here I'm going to be moving down to Kansas City, MO. I'm pretty excited about all of the potential opportunities I'll have down there! So many galleries and so many people!
 This is where I've been painting. The basement--the spiders up here are a lot bigger than I remember them being when I was growing up. I have a feeling that has to do with the unfortunate fact that our family cat recently passed away. She seemed to keep them in line for most of her long happy life. She was eighteen years old! What a lover she was. She will be missed.

Other than the spiders it's been a pretty nice set up. The basement is kind of damp so my painting takes a little longer to dry but thats fine. My dad has a dehumidifier down there that I'm now using. Hopefully it will keep this momentum on the up and up.
 I'm have a particularly good time mixing the colors for this painting. So far all of the colors are really vibrant and pretty complimentary to one another. Saturated pallets are the best.
I've got a lot of perfecting and overall painting yet to do. I'm just excited about the speed I've been working on this (not to mention the pallet). That and who doesn't like witches, sea monsters, glowing nautilus and brains? I'm really looking forward to working on this piece until it's done. I'll keep you updated! Until then, listen to this song:

Every couple of months I listen to CocoRosie and it's like listening to them for the first time, again. Such a solid musical group. They are forever one of my favorites.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The beginings of an Elderly Lady Demon

Hey there! So within the past few months I've been doing some thorough planning on this painting I'm finally getting started on! It's for an instructor I had at Kendall. We're doing an art trade. It's going to be a 30 by 40 inch painting. Here's the rough--

and here is the original character sketch!

it's a redux of a painting I did in the beginning of my last semester at Kendall. The composition was so dry and boring that I really wanted to revisit the idea but do it pretty different.

I'm much more satisfied with the fluidity of the new composition in comparison to this stale one. I liked the color choice and paint application but it needs to be pushed more. Hence redoing the painting. It's also much larger than this painting. So I get to play with larger brushes and I'm pretty darn excited about that.

Depending on how this painting goes I may keep doing stylized old women for a little while. Playing with the concept of age and aging is pretty fun for me. It makes the whole process of growing up a little easier to swallow. Especially since I get a lot of inspiration from cartoons.

Other than experimenting with digital painting and watercolor I haven't done a whole lot. You can see most of that on my tumblr. Amongst all the inspiration posts I blog about on there you can find the images here----> Lets be friends on Tumblr! I have a pretty good time finding new artists on there.

Well, until next time folks! I hope everything is treating you as well as they can be!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bones Don't Float

So I finally got around to scanning this piece. It's a 26 by 38 inch oil painting. The moment I had finished it I was submitting it and putting it in shows. So I didn't have much of a chance to sit down and document it. Especially considering this baby took 19 scans to get the whole thing together! I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out--I may do some digital painting on it because I feel like with the process I used to paint this would look good with digital work on top of it. It was a fun painting to do and it took a really long time. Rewarding none the less to have it exhibited in shows.

Zombie Bone Eating Snot Worm

I feel like I should narrate a little bit about what's happening here: The center character is a mutated whale combined with human anatomy. He has faces growing on his muzzle. He's in the desert because I wanted the whole piece to convey a very dead feeling. He from there is very literally leaning over his grave having a discussion of his (and potentailly more peoples) death(s) with a zombie snot worm. While this conversation is going on giant missiles go off in the distance indicating the end of the world. It's all very dramatic.

These worms live at the bottom of the ocean and wait for whales skeletons to fall to the bottom. When the whales bones are exposed they float over and burrow root like anatomy into the bones and suck out the marrow. Whale falls are some of the most interesting deaths I've ever heard of--Inspirational in fact.

They provide so much food for so many different types of sea creatures it's insane. After all, that's a lot of meat. As the whale carcass falls its providing a lot sustenance for many ecosystems along the way. Such as sharks, eels, snot worms, etc... I just find it extremely interesting.

Aside from that the whole painting is a supposed to envoke an interenal or external discussion about death. Very morbid, but I figured I'd finish college with a bang.

Drawing and Digital Painting Practice

Howdy all! Sorry for the small lull in updating this! I've been busy helping my boyfriend move, working, entering/attending art shows I've been in, and drawing! This is Big Booty Wrinkle Cat, I did this in PrismaColor pencil. It scanned funny so I had to play with the colors quiet a bit to get them close to what they actually are. I hope you like it!

I've also been practicing Digital Painting a little. Remember this little lady? Well, I'm working on her so she can become a full blown digital painting! I just have to figure out a background for her and overall work on her a bit more.

This summer has had quite the beginning! Unfortunately/fortunately(for them) most of my friends have been moving away since graduating college. I'll miss them quite a bit--I just don't like saying goodbye. However, that's what the summer is all about. Everyone is working hard to make something of themselves and if that means moving elsewhere--then so be it. I wish everyone the best of luck. I have the utmost faith that they'll succeed. In the meantime, look at some pictures of me and friends at art openings! Photos Courtesy of Jacki Granger and Barbara Counsil (who helped Curate the Creature Feature show!!)

Creature Feature opening! At the Calvin Gallery on Division St!
my bees in their little nook
Miranda Sharp (Glucose Girl) in front of her rad T-Rex poster
The place filled up rather nicely the moment the doors opened!

I just realized I only have the pictures form the Creature Feature show. Pictures pending from the Festival of the Arts downtown Grand Rapids. Thanks to all for attending and thanks for stopping by my blog!

P.S. I have a tumblr that I update fairly frequently lets be friends!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rebel Grrrl Roseanne

I drew this portrait of Roseanne go along with this theme of strong female figures in pop culture that I seem to be falling into. Mostly I'm just trying to do fan art.

This is an episode of Roseanne where Roseanne Connor and her sister Jacki are introduced to the riot grrrl revolution by this lady musician looking for a ride. Here's a clip--it's really good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Azealia Banks

I did this graphite portrait of Azealia Banks. I think I'm going to continue doing portraits of musicians like this because it's fast. We'll see where it takes me. I'm really just enjoying the fact that I"m drawing. The more I draw the better I will get.
And in case you haven't heard this yet. Here's the video that got me on this whole AZB kick.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Ladies, Mykki Blanco, and exhibitions

 So,  since I've graduated I've been taking a break from oil painting and focusing on just drawing a lot. Especially for a painting I plan on doing for an art trade with my former instructor Lisa Ambrose. That's what I'm planning on using this old lady for. I'm basically re doing my old lady with brain balloons painting because 1. she said she liked that a lot and it didn't creep her husband out as bad and 2. I really needed to recompose it because it was much too stagnant. I have to show her the loose compositions though. Which will be soon :)
I've been dabbling with the idea of doing fan art in order to reach out to more people in my artwork. So I did this graphite portrait of Mykki Blanco with a crown of thorns and vultures flying around her. She's a rad drag spook rapper. Check her out! Gender bending at it's finest. 

 ALSO: Three of my pieces made it into the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts show!! These are the two of the three pieces. The third is still yet to be documented because it's been in shows since I finished it. Good sign! I seriously can't wait to share it with you. Go to the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts and you can see it in person! Let alone all three! It's going to be a great show, I saw the list of who got in and I'm very excited to be a part of it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey everybody! This is only going to be a quick update. I've been super busy graduating from Kendall College of Art and Design and visiting with friends and family! I wasn't able to document this piece until now, but it's a portrait I did of my boyfriend Andrew McCoy ( who also graduated! Look at his stuff, too!

I'm really excited about graduating and what kind of art I will be making in the future! I'll keep you updated all along the way! I'll make a more in depth update about it all later, I swear!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Famous Monster of Filmland

Hey! I got the the text all in there for my mock cover of Famous Monster of Filmland! It's a great magazine you should check out. Especially for Basil Gogo's illustrations! Vincent Price graced the cover many times and that's part of the reason I chose to use this magazine for my last assignment for school. Vincent Price is forever, haha :D

This is one of the last few things I had to do before I graduate and receive my BFA at Kendall College of Art and Design! What a ride! Now I just need to finish a final painting, get it documented to share, prep my best artwork for the senior show, hand this in, hang my senior show "Phantom Witch Hunt", get ready for portfolio reviews, deal with a small business card dilemma, and finish strong! Then I can participate in the graduation ceremony without any monkeys on my back.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Vincent Price finished

Hey! I finished my redux Vincent Price portrait, too! I'll be uploading the hand painted text version real soon. The colors look SOOO good with this color pallet!

Morgue Anna Finished

This is one of the only paintings I've done this semester that I actually like still. Most everything else lost it's luster pretty quickly. It's the same character I had designed for the fake CocoRosie album cover.

It's done in oil and is 15 3/4 by 20 inches.

I love this character. I feel like she has a lot of weight to her story. Maybe someday I'll do a short story to go along with her. She's a witch that is based in the forest (cliche, BUT/) and she uses wombs to float on and snatch up dying animals for her own purposes.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I've got pieces in a gallery!

My work is going to be up during ArtDowntown in downtown Grand Rapids, MI at SiteLab! As well as a few of my friend works!! Both my "Caged Bird and the Bat" and "Mantle Piece" will be showcased there. Along with art ALL over Grand Rapids. There's going to be over 100 locations that will be re-appropriated as galleries. It's going to be a blast!

"Art Downtown | April 13 2012 | SiTE:LAB | 109 ½ S. Division Ave

On Friday, April 13, Site:Lab will be occupying the old Harris Furniture Building located at 109 ½ S. Division for an innovative, one-night-only project. Site:Lab curator Paul Amenta is teaming up with playwright and GVSU professor Austin Bunn to transform the building into the setting for a unique performance piece being written by Bunn. Local artists and students are currently signing up to create the rooms, props and costumes required by Bunn’s script, and on April 13, actors and performers will enact a narrative inspired by the building’s history throughout the space. Unlike a traditional play, viewers will be able to experience the performance at their own pace and in their own order, or through random encounters. The event is scheduled to coincide with ArtDowntown, and will be open to the public free of charge from 6 to 11 p.m.

Site-specific projects from students, faculty and alumni representing 5 Michigan colleges/universities, as well as a number of local artists.

Participating Institutions
· Aquinas College
· Grand Rapids Community College
· Grand Valley State University
· Hope College
· Kendall College of Art and Design

SiTE:LAB creates temporary site-specific art projects aimed at facilitating dynamic collaborations between the art, design, education, business and cultural communities of Grand Rapids.

This event has been made possible through the generosity of the Arts Council of Greater Grand Rapids and the Downtown Alliance."

I'm always really excited to see my Mantle Piece hanging or in this case apart of a bed head board! Come see it if you can!

I should have new stuff coming at you soon! I have to finish a bunch before I graduate after all!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Here's where Morgue-Anna is standing currently! I think it's coming along nicely! It should be done fairly soon!!

this is a painting of Vincent Price I'm starting. It's for a psuedo cover of Famous Monsters of Filmland cover. I'm excited to paint Vincent Price better this time around.
Basil Gogo's does most of these covers. He's pretty rad--check him out!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Process of Morgue-Anna!

Hey All! If you can recall the character that was in my CocoRosie album cover-- I decided I needed to do something with her in color. So, here's the start. That blank space is a rabbit with an arrow that went right through it. Morgue-Anna wouldn't be the huntress she is without it! I expect to have this done soon. Keep your eyes peeled! I'm pretty excited about this one. The glowing wombs will look much less like oranges, as well. haha

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Paint paint paint paint

I've been painting a whole lot! I had to take a small break from it because i got fever ill for a few days. I'm feeling much better though and I've been keeping up with my work! I've got a couple paintings finished but only one documented/that I'm proud enough to put on the internet. This is an editorial illustration of bioluminescent sea creatures. Namely the dumbo octopus and jellyfish. I'll post the graphic design portion at a later date. I've got some stuff I think I'm going to be really proud of in the works right now--so keep your eyes peeled!

Here's a work in progress of something I'm REALLY excited to share with you. It's much farther a long than this now... but I figured i could keep you in the loop! Explanation and details come later.

I also have to document and post another painting I've finished but needed to walk away from. Since this is my final semester separating me from my BFA it's no wonder I got a little shaken with job anxiety. So this undocumented piece is a pretty good example of that. The idea fell apart but you'll see in the near future!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


So I did some editing on the CocoRosie psuedo album cover--digital and physical. Have a look and let me know what you think of the digital ad-ins of the minor text. Some input is very welcome.

here it is with the hand painted text:

and here it is with the minor text added digitally. I also lightened it a little:

and now with a little more breathing room between the song titles:

Monday, February 6, 2012

New stuff!

So, as a warm up for the semester (this warm up took too long) I did this painting of an old lady with two brain balloons! I'm fairly happy with it, I could've approached it better, but oh well. It was a fun painting. It's about 10 by 20 inches done in oil.

I've also done this cover for a pseudo CocoRosie album for my print media class. Done in ink on watercolor paper, 10 by 19 3/4. I painted in the text on transparency paper that lays on top of the image.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Figure Painting

I finally got some stuff back from my Figure Painting class from last semester! Here's two of the outside assignments.