Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sea Witch progress

 I know it's been a little while (and I'm sorry about that) but I've been in the process of moving all over. I'm out of Grand Rapids and I am currently residing at my parents house. The song sung by many college graduates these days. After a month of being up here I'm going to be moving down to Kansas City, MO. I'm pretty excited about all of the potential opportunities I'll have down there! So many galleries and so many people!
 This is where I've been painting. The basement--the spiders up here are a lot bigger than I remember them being when I was growing up. I have a feeling that has to do with the unfortunate fact that our family cat recently passed away. She seemed to keep them in line for most of her long happy life. She was eighteen years old! What a lover she was. She will be missed.

Other than the spiders it's been a pretty nice set up. The basement is kind of damp so my painting takes a little longer to dry but thats fine. My dad has a dehumidifier down there that I'm now using. Hopefully it will keep this momentum on the up and up.
 I'm have a particularly good time mixing the colors for this painting. So far all of the colors are really vibrant and pretty complimentary to one another. Saturated pallets are the best.
I've got a lot of perfecting and overall painting yet to do. I'm just excited about the speed I've been working on this (not to mention the pallet). That and who doesn't like witches, sea monsters, glowing nautilus and brains? I'm really looking forward to working on this piece until it's done. I'll keep you updated! Until then, listen to this song:

Every couple of months I listen to CocoRosie and it's like listening to them for the first time, again. Such a solid musical group. They are forever one of my favorites.

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