Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Challenge Beauty

I finished another painting! It's smaller but pretty packed with personal symbolism. It's 8x18 inches--that's a pretty rough estimate considering i used my fingers to measure it... but it's done in oil on masonite.

This piece is supposed to spell out what i want my undergrad portfolio's message to be. It illustrates and idea of challenging the social norm of what beautiful is considered to be. It's a really broad concept so I shouldn't have any problem generating pieces for it.

I've been using jellyfish because I feel like they are an abstraction of what ghosts look like--thus the the shroud on the figures head. The bigger jellyfish are a particular breed that lives infinitely. Using a jellyfish that can go through cycles of their growing periods suggest that there is a constant need to judge ourselves, physically and mentally.

The shrouded figure is holding a bloody Leafy Sea Dragon (a type of sea horse). He is using an enlarged pair of scissors to make "adjustments" to the sea dragons appearance by cutting off the "leaves" that grow from it's body. So overall the piece speaks of our constant re-adjustments we take to make ourselves more comfortable in our own skin, sometimes to a grave level that can effect our body in a negative manner. We're all insecure about something and we try to hide it one way or another.

The painting came kind of easily, the concept sketch did not. I have pages upon pages filled in my sketchbook about how i wanted to compose this concept. I finally came to this when I was listening to this remix by oOoOO of Marina and the Diamonds' "Obsession" I think it's pretty appropriate. Not to mention it's a DAMN good song--I almost like it more than the original. Spooktastic.

I'm going to eat my ramen now--It looks like brains because I don't use the flavor packets anymore, I just put spaghetti sauce in it. Yum. If you have any questions about this piece, feel free to ask me! I would love to have an artistic discussion about.

Thanks for reading! This piece is a little more personal that I generally like my illustrations to be... so... good night.

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