Saturday, November 26, 2011

High Society Walrus process

 I started this painting as a traditional alla prima. Unfortunately for me I'm not good enough (yet!) to have a complete painting that is 100% traditional alla prima painting. However, I start all of my paintings off this way because it's the best way to practice and get as much of the surface covered as possible--
 Sorry for these poor process shots, I don't currently own a working digital camera, so I took these off my laptop and played with the color in photoshop. After the underpainting I wait for it to dry and go into the piece and start working out kinks. This takes forever because I have so many kinks all over the place. The inspiration for this painitngs color scheme came directly from a James Gurney (DINOTOPIA) piece. I use his color theory book Color & Light all the time. I suggest picking one up yourself--
Here's the final product. It's an oil piece done on a piece of masonite that is close but not exactly 18 by 20. The piece took somewhere between 20-26 hours to do, maybe more. I should start writing down how long it takes for me to do a painting. This character I made up last semester in my Head Hands and Feet class. I wanted to do a painting of him because I had so much fun doing the drawing. I had some character design changes, but overall he remained the same--
20x30 graphite on paper
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I sure did! Now it's back to reality. In the next two weeks I will probably won't get the pleasure of being social--so, I hope i get to see you at school!

You can see this on any of the websites I'm participating with. This is one of my online portfolios! Have a look and see!

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