Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This band.

Balam Acab is a band that has been influencing my work a lot these days. My aesthetic and the bands overall sound has come to an overall agreement in my imagination. That's where my fuel has been generating fairly recently. So, I would suggest checking them out. This song inparticular has been pushing me towards what I want to do for this next project. I'm only in the sketching stage but you will be updated soon! In the mean time, listen to this song. This song is my current favorite, but I'm in love with it all.

Who ever made this video thought of using the same sea creatures as I did. Maybe for the same reason? Maybe not. The only one that was missing out of my current choices were sting rays. Fact of the day: Did you know when stingrays migrate, they're called Fevers?

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